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Lawyers on Fire chat with TOM DREYFUS

Josef - Easy-to-use legal automation. By lawyers, for lawyers.

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Lawyers on Fire chat with TOM DREYFUS
Legal Automation from Australia

Jochen Deister | 2020-07-10 08:12:17
Lawyers on Fire are happy to start its fourth season which will focus on Automation & AI!Big innovation is happening in Australia. Our second guest from there is Tom Dreyfus who is the CEO and co-founder of Josef, a legal automation platform that makes bot-building, workflow and document automation accessible to every legal professional. We asked Tom why his legal tech company is called Josef and what journey they are on. Before Josef, Tom was a corporate litigator, a lecturer and a clerk at the High Court of Australia. He speaks and writes regularly on legal technology and innovation, and holds an LLM from Columbia Law School focusing on legal data analytics.
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