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Why Legal Tech? – Beyond Incremental Improvements
Carsten Reimann | 2016-09-08 07:32:13
Leila Banijamali is a tech licensing lawyer, entrepreneur, and investor based in San Francisco, California. She has founded businesses in the legal-tech and fine arts industries and acts as outside general legal counsel to emerging growth companies. Lawyers on Fire met Leila at the Legal Tech Show in San Francisco where she was a speaker.If you are interested in more background on this founder's story, you might also want to read this interview in Womenalia.
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Looking back at 2016 and forward to 2017
Carsten Reimann | 2017-02-02 16:49:33
Carsten and Jochen talk about the interviews they conducted in 2016 and share their most interesting moments and findings. They then go on to take a look at what is ahead in 2017.
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Lawyers on Fire chat with RISTO HÃœBNER
Legal Tech in Europe’s Digital Nation
Jochen Deister | 2020-04-21 11:57:44
Today’s episode is the last of three interviews we did during our tour to Estonia at the end of last year. This now seems like another world with free air travel and moving around easily.We are very grateful to Risto Hübner, founder of Nordx Legal, who met with us and shared his inside knowledge about the Estonian legal tech scene and also allowed us to share his start-up map with our listeners. Risto is a business-minded technology, data privacy & IP attorney with more than 15 years of professional experience in law and extensive sector-specific knowledge of the ICT industry. Risto has worked as the general counsel at Nortal, one of the largest tech companies in the Baltics, carrying out operations globally. He is especially passionate about startups, data protection, privacy law, cybersecurity and new technologies. Risto is also a visiting lecturer in IT Law at the University of Tartu, mentor to startups at Startup Wise Guys accelerator and the founder and organizer of the Estonian chapter of Legal Hackers. 
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Lawyers of Fire chat with MARIANA HAGSTRÖM
CEO and Founder of Avokaado
Jochen Deister | 2020-06-17 09:20:55
Lawyers-on-Fire complete their Estonian legal tech talks with Mariana Hagström who is the Founder & CEO at Avokaado, a contract workflow automation platform. As an attorney-at-law and a managing partner of a law firm, she launched Avokaado as a spin-off in 2016. Today she is fully dedicated to helping legal teams with operational efficiency and establishing new business models. Mariana has helped hundreds of legal teams in the Baltics and Nordics to cut down their contract-related costs and launch client-facing legal services by using contract workflow automation.
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